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Moving Day Nightmares - how to avoid them

Very organised people often make the mistake of assuming their tight schedule will go exactly according to plan. The reality is that anything can happen on moving day, so it is important you have an alternative place to stay the night if things go wrong. (Or at least be happy to order pizza for tea and sleep on the floor!) The most common problems we have encountered are:

Key hand-over by lawyer to the new home delayed

This is usually due to finances not going through as quickly as planned and is especially common on Fridays, which is the busiest moving day of the week. This can be avoided if you ensure you have access to the new home before moving day. Moving earlier in the week is also helpful and the bonus is that you will often get a discounted price from your removal company.

Previous owners not yet moved out

Try not to move in on the previous owners' move out day. We can recall one very large job, which had 3 removal trucks and their crews plus our unpacking team waiting for 2 hours outside while the previous owner finished packing and cleaning. If you are paying the removal company an hourly rate this can get very expensive.

Difficult access at pickup or delivery address delays the removal company

If you have a steep and/or narrow driveway be sure to advise your moving company if the consultant has not seen the access at both homes. Most professional moving trucks are very big and require decent room to manoeuvre. Other issues are overhanging trees and shared driveways. Also if your home has a lot of stairs either internally or externally, this will slow the removal team down considerably.

Removal truck late due to unanticipated problems with an earlier job

If your job is booked after a previous one, any of the above delays could cause problems for your move. There is nothing you can do about this if it happens, except to have a Plan B ready.

Not enough help

Your partner has been called away to an urgent business meeting, you're surrounded by boxes and have nobody to call on. The kids are sick so they can't be at school as planned. You still need to clean the house you moved out of.
Give us a call. We just may be able to send someone around. Better still, avoid this problem by booking our assistance well in advance.

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