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Unpacking FAQs

How do you know where to put everything?

Our staff use their training, logic and experience to decide the best place for things to go. You are welcome to work alongside them and control where items are placed. Alternatively, you may be happy to leave it up to them - it is entirely your choice.

How many people/hours will I need over how many days?

We aim to get you completely settled in a day or two. A general rule of thumb is that each person can handle 36 cartons in an 8 hour day. A standard 3 bedroom home usually requires about 16 hours unpacking. We can complete this in half a day by sending 4 people for 4 hours. Or we can send 2 staff for 4 hours in the afternoon to get the essentials done and return to complete the unpacking the following day. A quick phone call to our office on 0800 286 722 will help you to decide how many hours you might need or alternatively fill in our online estimate form.

What about cleaning?

If necessary, our unpacking staff will wipe out cupboards and shelves before placing items in them, and can wash items before being put away at the client's request. For heavy-duty house cleaning, we advise using a specialist cleaning service prior to your move.

What about insurance?

We have comprehensive public liability insurance and breakage insurance in the unlikely event of any problems. Any items that have been broken in transit are noted, and placed to one side for you to discuss with your removalist.

Who supervises the TFT team at work?

Every job has an allocated experienced Group Leader from The Finishing Touch who supervises the work done. The Group Leader liaises regularly with the client throughout the day to ensure priorities are met, and the client is happy. All of our staff are security checked prior to employment.

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