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Article - NZ Woman's Weekly

Moving Made Easy

Most of us have moved house at one time or another and everyone agrees it's generally rather a nightmare. Homeowners often splash out on hiring a removal company to pack and deliver their goods to the new address but what happens when they get there? Often, the first few days in a new house are characterised by chaos as families struggle to recreate the cosy environment they left behind. The Finishing Touch provides a team of experienced women who will arrive at your new home and unpack all those endless boxes. Crockery and glassware are placed neatly in cupboards and food is put away in the pantry or refrigerator.

The Finishing Touch team will hang up your clothes in the wardrobe and sort out your linen cupboard, colour co-ordinating sheets and towels. Books are unpacked and put on bookshelves and your treasures and family heirlooms receive special attention and care while being placed into china cabinets or wall units.

Once everything is in order The Finishing Touch team tidies the cartons, arranges for their removal, then slips away, leaving a lovely bunch of flowers and a beautiful, well-organised home for you to enjoy. Don't let moving house turn into a horror story - treat yourself to the services of an experienced and professional team which will make settling in a little easier. Contact The Finishing Touch on 0800 286 722 for further information about their unique service.

Interview with Louise Richardson
NZ Woman's Weekly 27 February 1999

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